End of Year Awards
End of Year Awards for agility and rally. Open to any dog entered in at least one of FIFASC's agility or rally trials.
Rules and forms available below.

Congratulation to the 2014 Winners!
1st- Donna Hunt & Annie
2nd- Diane Niland & Maya
3rd- Becky Beach & Lilly
4th- Mar-C Milona & Zest

Other Breed:
1st- Elizabeth Shulman & Tyr (Bel. Mal)
2nd- Sandy Gunter & Kobe (Gold. Ret)
3rd- Sandy Gunter & Monty (Brittany)
4th- Suzie Tingley & Ben (All American)

1st- Chris Risher & Sophie
2nd- Mar-C Milona & Ty
3rd- Mar-C Milona & Zest
4th- Tom Savarese & Rush

Other Breed:
1st- Sandy Gunter & Kobe (Gold Ret)
2nd- Holly Harris & Sampson (Chihuahua)
3rd- Sandy Gunter & Lucky (Brittany)
4th- Connie Harter & Misha (All American)
1st- Mo Britva & Chopper
2nd- Chris Risher & Sophie
3rd- Chris Risher & Clair
4th- Diana Thompson & Helo

Other Breed:
1st- Sandy Gunter & Kobe (Gold Ret)
2nd- Linda Sanders & Cody (All Amer)
3rd- Shannon Graham & Ruby (BC)
4th- Sandy Gunter & Lucky (Brittany)
Congratulation to the 2013 Winners!
1st- Mar-C Milona & Zest
2nd- Becky Beach & Lily
3rd- Kathi Meyer & Kaydee
4th- Roger Eggena & Betony

Other Breed:
1st- Lori Hobbs & Luke
2nd- Sandy Gunter & Kobe
3rd- Suzie Tingley & Ben
4th- Diane Farrar-Sanderson & Gypsy